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Strategy Planner


Getting Started

Learn how to get up and running with your newly created instance of Cascade.

Intro To The Planner

A quick overview of what you can do with Cascade's strategy planning feature.

Cascade's Strategic Framework

Learn about the basic structure of a strategy and the different elements that you can customize.

Understanding Alignment

Learn about the basic concept of alignment and how goals relate to one another.

Vision, Values & Focus Areas

How to create & customize the main building blocks of your new strategic plan.

Goal Types

Goal Types allow you to create powerful scorecards, frameworks and categories for your goals.

Goal Units

Learn how to setup and apply custom units of measurement for your goals & KPIs.

Goal Weights

Setup a custom goal weighting system or learn about the default goal weights used in Cascade.

Changing System Terminology

You can customize just about anything in Cascade, including the language of the key parts of the system.

Organizational Goals & Goals

Learn about goals in Cascade - how they work and all the different things you can do with them.

Exporting Your Plan

Find out how to create PDF exports of your strategic plans and save them to your computer.

Archiving Organizational Goals

Learn how to use the archive features in Cascade and how to access previously archived goals.

Managing Goals


Intro to My Goals

Learn where to go to find your goals and how to start managing them day-to-day.

Intro to the Goal Hub

Learn about the goal hub, where all of the action arounding managing your goals takes place.

Adding Goals

Find out how to create new goals from the My Goals page and align them to the strategic plan.

Managing a Goal

Learn about the different things you can do with goals including updates, tasks, risks and files.

Using tasks

Learn how to create and complete tasks as well as the different places they show up in the system.

Advanced Tracking

Learn how to create more advanced tracking for things like KPIs on your goals.

Archiving & Deleting Goals

Find out how to archive and then delete goals in Cascade, as well as how to access your goal archive.

Goal Weights

Setup a custom goal weighting system or learn about the default goal weights used in Cascade.

My Team

If you're a manager, check out how you can stay in touch with exactly what your team is working on.



Intro to Reports

Cascade has a large suite of reports available - take a peek at what we have to offer.

Tracking Organizational Goals

Find out where to go to track the status of your organizational goals to help you stay on top of your strategy.

Tracking Engagement

Engagement is a key aspect successful strategy - find out how to track engagement with your strategy.

Snapshot Reports

Snapshots allow you to build customized savable reports for just about anything in your organization.

The Strategy Explorer

Visualize your strategy in an entirely new way with our interactive strategy explorer.

The Goal Report

Choose your columns and create detailed, live editable reports that you can download into Excel.



Intro to Dashboards

Learn how to create beautiful dashboards for any aspects of running your organization.

Dashboard Basics

Learn the ropes for how to create your own dashboard, and all about the things you can do with them.

Widget Tour

Take a tour of all of the different widgets that you can add to your dashboards.

Performance Management


Intro to Performance Management

Get an overview of how Cascade's Performance Management features work and interact with other parts of the platform.

The Performance Management Workflow

Understand the different elements of the core performance management workflow.

Configuring Performance Management

Learn how to setup and configure the key aspects of the performance management system.

Ongoing Assessment

Learn about how to continuously manage your people through ongoing assessment and 1:1 meetings.

Self Appraisals

Learn how to complete a self appraisal from both a manager and employee perspective.

Manager Appraisal

Learn how to conduct manager appraisals for each of your employees in Cascade.

Analyze Performance Results

As an HR admin, learn how to monitor and analyze the results from your performance appraisals.

Human Capital Management


Career & Development

Learn about how to create, manage and comment on career & development plans in Cascade.



Intro to Surveys

Learn about Cascade's survey feature and how you can use it for a whole range of useful things.

Creating a Survey

Learn how to create surveys and survey templates using the drag and drop interface.

Deploying a Survey

Understand the steps required to deploy and launch a survey to the people of your organization.

Analyzing Surveys

Learn how to see and understand the results of the surveys that you've already deployed.

Completeing a Survey

As a user, learn how to respond to surveys that you have been deployed to you for you to complete.



Intro to Admin-Org

Get an overview of what you can accomplish in the Admin - Organization section of the system.

Adding Roles & Users

Learn how to add roles and users into Cascade as well as how the system works as a role-based system.

Moving Users Between Roles

Understand the steps required to move a user from one role to another seamlessly.

Moving Roles

Learn how to move role from one manager to another whilst maintaining all the required data.

Intro to System Settings

Learn about the basic settings you can change at a system level that apply to your entire instance.


Learn how to create automated reminders to send on a set schedule to your people.

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