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Create great-looking surveys for just about anything

From staff engagement to strategic insights – build and deploy surveys that give you genuine insights into your strategy, your people or your customers. All within Cascade’s secure and robust ecosystem.

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Strategy Surveys - Templates

Create the perfect survey template

  • A library of pre-built surveys to get you started
    Our library includes templates for strategic insights, employee engagement, HR needs and more.
  • Build your own from scratch
    With 5 different question types, you can build the perfect survey to gain the insight you need.
  • Add structure and headings
    Break-up longer surveys with instructions, headers and dividers.

Total control of survey deployments

  • Deploy based on groups or individuals
    Choose exactly who you want to send your survey to – managers, non-managers, specific teams, etc.
  • Set deadlines
    Specify an end date for your surveys or leave them open ended for multiple responses over time.
  • Perfectly integrated into Cascade
    With integrated emails, notifications, reports and dashboard widgets, surveys integrate seamlessly with Cascade’s other features.
Strategy Surveys - Deployments
Strategy Surveys - Analytics

Reporting & analytics built-in

  • Realtime reports as your answers come in
    See who’s answered so far, how long they spent and how much they completed.
  • Graphs, pie charts, tables and more
    Visualise your survey responses in a host of different ways.
  • Export results to Excel and PDF
    Work with your data offline to get even more detail and control.

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