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1. Create a strategic plan

Start with a vision, then add focus areas, goals, projects and KPIs to create a complete strategic plan with unlimited levels. Assign items to your team to drive accountability. MultiPlan allows you to create different plans for different parts of your organization.

Strategic Plan

2. Apply any strategic frameworks

Apply some of the world’s most popular strategy frameworks to create additional dimensions to your strategic plan. Whether it’s the balanced scorecard, strategic horizons or one that you’ve created yourself.

Strategic Plan

3. Add KPIs

Create KPIs for each area of strategic focus to ensure that your organization stays on track to deliver the strategy.

Strategic Plan

4. Bring strategy to life

Create engaging videos to bring your strategic plan to life for the people of the organization. Show people exactly how their work contributes to the bigger strategy.

Strategic Plan

5. Share your strategic plan

Built-in sharing tools give others instant access to review your strategy. You can even create beautiful PDF exports with a single click.

Strategic Plan

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