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Design Your Strategy Map

Cascade is the ultimate strategic planning tool - and that means that it accommodates any strategy model you can think of. If you'd rather use our very own Cascade Strategy Model, you can do that too.

Build Your Strategy Map

Define what strategy means to you by creating a map of connected goals, projects, KPIs & more.

Add Tasks, Risks & Updates

Define the behaviours of each element within your strategy map.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Define the fields to be captured on each element within your strategy map.

Create Relationships & Rules

Decide who can access the elements you create and how they fit together to Cascade your strategy.

Build Your Strategy Map

Take control over your strategy - define every single level using our drag-and-drop strategy map building tool:

  • Customize all terminology
  • Add unlimited levels to your strategy map
  • Create rules for which elements connect to which
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Add Tasks, Risks & Issues

Once you've setup your goals, you can extend your strategy map by adding additional granularity to your actions.

  • Updates allow you to add comments to goals
  • Tasks are micro-actions to keep your goals moving
  • Risks & issues help you flag problems before they eventuate
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Total Customization

Each of the templates you create in your strategy map can have an unlimited number of custom fields.

  • All common data types supported
  • Mandatory fields
  • Drag-and-drop field layouts
  • Advanced fields including formulas
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Create Relationships & Rules

Define how the different elements of your strategy map fit together. Should a project always have a KPI? It's up to you!

  • Define which goal templates connect to one another
  • Make certain templates only available to certain users
  • Have different strategy map structures for each of your teams
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