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  • We knew what we needed to do to succeed, but before Cascade we didn't feel as though we had the necessary tools to actually execute upon our plan.

    Aubrey Bock Gregg's Motors
  • Cascade was the perfect solution for us at SoftNAS & flexible monthly pricing made it an easy choice to move ahead with.

    Rick Braddy SoftNAS
  • Cascade managed to transform our strategy, making it relevant for every single person throughout the entire organization.

    Sarah Maloof CUSCAL
  • Cascade drives fantastic bottom-line results for our business. The improved staff morale it also brings is the icing on the cake.

    Nathan Gyaneshwar Qanda Technologies
  • Cascade keeps you focused on strategy, so you're not wasting time on things that don't add value to your business. The performance management feature is just a huge bonus!

    David Cadden The Mac Credit Union
  •   It's really great to have a visual representation that shows the links between the university strategy, the library strategy and then the various projects and tasks.

    Antonia Mocatta The University of Sydney
  • We are looking forward to Cascade allowing our strategic management team to centralize and visualize our entire strategic plan, across multiple departments and regions.

    Joe Kalwitz Business Initiatives Consultant, EPMO
  • I've just recorded a personal video for you. In it, I explain how we have helped other organizations bring life into their strategic plan by enabling them to not only plan but also manage and track from one central source that can be shared with everyone in the team!

    Edward Simberg Cascade Strategy

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