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Connect all your HR processes back to strategy

Let Cascade handle all your appraisal and performance management needs, including 360 degree feedback. No more paper, no more groaning from your people at review time.

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Performance Management Software - Appraisals

Integrated appraisals and performance reviews

  • Make appraisals a natural extension of strategy and goals
    People no longer view appraisals as a necessary evil, but rather a natural follow-on from the completion of their goals.
  • Complete the cycle between strategy and performance
    Individual goals automatically flow into appraisals, helping people connect their activities back to strategy.
  • Appraisals that go beyond goals alone
    Link appraisals back to the vision and values that you defined as part of your strategy.

A complete solution

  • Replace your existing HR appraisal system
    Cascade includes all of the functionality of leading HR appraisal systems, and more.
  • Ongoing assessments and mid-year reviews
    Use our 1:1 snapshot reports coupled with our meeting logging system to capture ongoing appraisals throughout the year, including formal mid-years.
  • Self assessments
    Invite people to assess themselves against a range of requirements that you define.
  • Manager assessments
People Management - Appraisals
People Management - Appraisals

Total customisation of your setup

  • Choose what to assess people against
    Assess against goals, values, role descriptions, competencies and custom elements of your choice.
  • Set percentages for each element
    Assign percentage weightings for each section.
  • Create bespoke rating scales
    Use our off-the-shelf rating system, or build your own.

360 degree feedback

  • Add a 360 degree feedback element to your appraisals
    Optionally include 360 as a component in some or all of your performance appraisals.
  • Design your own 360 questionnaire
    Powered by the Survey Builder, design your own set of 360 questions, or use our off-the-shelf version.
  • Control exactly who to include
    You can run 360 for the whole organisation, or just a subset of teams / individuals.
People Management - 360 Degree Feedback
People Management - Analytics

Reports and analytics with genuine insight

  • Ongoing reports on the status of each phase of appraisal
    See which teams are on track and who needs a nudge – team by team, manager by manager.
  • Measure performance between teams and versus a target
    Set a target distribution of ratings then assess how your organisation shapes up, team-by-team.
  • Track progress over time
    See side-by-side analysis of how an employee’s performance has changed over time.

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