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1. Run better 1:1 meetings

Run effective 1:1 meetings with your people, powered by up-to-the-minute performance data. Record meeting notes and save snapshots of how people are tracking against their goals.

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2. Design your performance management process

Create the perfect flow for your performance management cycle, including appraisals, competencies, 360 feedback, career development, potential and much more.

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3. Bring objectivity to appraisals

Self appraisals & manager appraisals take place right within the platform, with Cascade giving automatic suggested scores based on how well people complete their goals.

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4. Assess skills and competencies

Run detailed skill and competency assessments then compare how your organizational capability matches up against your strategic plan.

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5. Understand the potential of your workforce

Customizable potential assessments can be run at any time to complement your appraisals and give more rounded views of the current state of your talent pool.

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6. Manage career & development plans

Create interactive career & development plan documents and build on them over time. Managers can review and add comments to the plans of their people.

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