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Partner With Cascade Strategy

Provide a white-label strategy execution platform for your clients.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About the Partner Program

Join our partner team in our pre-recorded webinar to learn more about the program and how to make the most of it for your business. You’ll learn about:

How Cascade can help you grow your professional services revenue through higher engagement and retention.

Building a complimentary recurring revenue stream into your business.

How to white-label Cascade so that it fits seamlessly into your business proposition. 



  • Qualifying Criteria
  • Commission / Discount
  • Free Cascade for your Business
  • Free User for each Client Account
  • Monthly Training Webinar
  • 1:1 Training / Support
  • Cascade Clients Referred to you

  • None
  • 15%

  • 10 Sales or US$10k
  • 20%
  • Up to 3 Users

  • 20 Sales or US$20k
  • 25%
  • Up to 10 Users

  • Qualifying Criteria: None
  • Commission / Discount: 15%
  • Free Cascade for your Business:
  • Free User for each Client Account:
  • Monthly Training Webinar:
  • 1:1 Training / Support:
  • Cascade Clients Referred to you:

  • Qualifying Criteria: 10 Sales or US$10k
  • Commission / Discount: 20%
  • Free Cascade for your Business: Up to 3 Users
  • Free User for each Client Account:
  • Monthly Training Webinar:
  • 1:1 Training / Support:
  • Cascade Clients Referred to you:

  • Qualifying Criteria: 20 Sales or US$20k
  • Commission / Discount: 25%
  • Free Cascade for your Business: Up to 10 Users
  • Free User for each Client Account:
  • Monthly Training Webinar:
  • 1:1 Training / Support:
  • Cascade Clients Referred to you:

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The Cascade Partner Program is Perfect for:

Benefits for you

  • Expand your offering to include cutting-edge strategy software
    Cascade is the perfect fit for your clients, from startups to multinationals.
  • Generate revenue through our revenue-share scheme
    Earn up to 25% commission for each client you add to the platform – or pass on the commission to your clients as a discount.
  • Stay connected to your clients with real-time access to their strategy
    The Partner Portal gives you instant access to your client’s accounts – so you can detect their issues before even they do. Great for securing ongoing engagements!

Benefits for your clients

  • Discounted access to the internationally successful strategy execution platform
    Your clients can enjoy pricing even lower than available directly through us – giving you a strong competitive edge.
  • A platform to implement your own methods and frameworks
    You can configure the default version of Cascade that your clients receive with your own strategy frameworks and terminology.
  • Access to the same platform used by the world’s top brands
    From the Fortune 500 to cities & governments – Cascade is powering some of the world’s most ambitious strategies.

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Partner Program FAQs

Does it cost to join the Cascade Partner Program?

  • There is currently no charge to join the Partner Program.

How do I book into a webinar?

  • Just go here and sign up! You can attend the webinars as many times as you like.

How do I get in contact with Cascade?

  • You can use the chat function (the blue icon in the bottom right of your Cascade or Partner Portal screen), or at

What support resources can I expect as a partner?

  • Partners receive unlimited access to support by email and live chat. You also get access to our complete library of training material and videos.
  • In addition, we host regular partner webinars to deliver software updates and answer questions.
  • If you go in to your Partner Portal and go to “Resources”, you’ll see a suite of documents and videos to help you understand, sell, and support Cascade.

Can I book further help sessions?

  • Yes. Bronze partners can go ahead and use the “Book a 15 min Callback” function in the Partner Portal, and are of course also welcome to use the Cascade live chat if they have questions or need assistance.
  • Partners in the Silver tier and above can book additional 1:1 sessions, so we can help you get Cascade working for your clients. Just get in contact with your Account Manager.

Will Cascade Strategy pitch to my clients?

  • Generally we encourage you to maintain the business relationship with your client, while we remain as your vendor.
  • Partners in the Silver tier and above can contact us if they need particular assistance with a client, and we can discuss options on a case-by-case basis.

How does the revenue share work?

  • If you opt for the revenue share option, you’ll receive the stated revenue share percentage for your tier for all revenue earned on accounts that you sign-up to Cascade (this applies to user licences and add-ons).
  • Payouts are made quarterly via PayPal unless you request a different method of payment. You’ll continue to receive payouts for as long as the client remains a customer of Cascade and you remain a partner, subject to our full T&Cs.
  • Note that the revenue share is calculated after any discounts (e.g. annual purchase) have been applied.

Do discounts only apply to licences, or to add-ons too?

  • Both – your tier discount (e.g. 15% for Bronze tier) will apply to licences and add-ons.
  • Note that your tier discount is applied after any other discounts have been applied.

Do I get any discounts for me?

  • Yes. As you move into the Silver tier and above, you’re eligible for a free Cascade instance for your own business, and discounts on add-ons for yourself.
  • Note that outside this, you don’t get a revenue share (or equivalent discount) on your own Cascade instance.

How do the tiers work?

    • When you achieve one of the qualifying criteria (e.g. 10 new sales) in the “Partnership Year”, you move in to that tier.
      • You maintain that tier for the remainder of that Partnership Year, and you keep it for the next one too (subject to the T&Cs).
      • “Partnership Year” is a 12 month period, day 1 of which is when you Partnership Agreement was accepted, which then recurs from that date in following years, just like a “subscription”.
    • When is a sale/revenue target recognized?:
      • Sales – You need to make the specified number of new sales in the Partnership Year. The date a “sale” is registered is the date that Cascade receives first payment for the service (we may make it earlier or later to improve your tier, at our discretion).
        • The day after you hit the sales target, you’ll move up into the next tier.
      • Revenue – “Eligible Revenue” is the current annual Cascade recurring revenue for all your clients (excluding any sales taxes), plus any additional add-ons you’ve sold in the last 12 months.
        • e.g. if you have 10 clients each currently paying US$1,000 per year for their Cascade subscription (in monthly or single annual payments), your Eligible Revenue would be US$10,000.
        • The day after your Eligible Revenue reaches the threshold for a tier, you’ll move up into that tier.

Do you still offer Australian Dollar pricing?

    • Yes. We’ve focused the website on US Dollar pricing as a baseline for the international market, but if you go into the “Subscription” page of a Cascade instance, you still get the AUD billing option.
    • Contact us if you want to see a breakdown of the AUD pricing.