Offer a white-label strategy execution platform to your clients.

Grow revenue, engage clients and retain business.

Cascade Partner Program
Cascade Partner Program - Grow Revenues

Grow Revenues

Grow revenues both directly and indirectly. Earn commissions from sales, and sell additional services to your clients:

  • Earn % commissions
  • Get discounts for your clients
  • Upsell services
  • Create recurring revenue
  • Use software as your lead-in

We’ll even refer new business directly to selected Gold partners.

Cascade Partner Program - Drive Engagement

Drive Engagement

Cascade can re-energize your clients with a renewed sense of purpose around their strategy:

  • Engage C-level executives
  • Drive a “strategy for everyone” mindset
  • Focus the entire business
  • Create consistent processes
  • Galvanize around the vision

Cascade is the catalyst for organizations who are serious about implementation.

Cascade Partner Program - Retain Business

Retain Business

Repeat engagements are hard. Cascade solves that problem by facilitating annual strategy reviews and more:

  • Drive regular strategy reviews
  • Automated reporting
  • Strategic plan migrations
  • Consulting-as-a-service
  • Single bill for software and services

Cascade makes your services stickier than ever, giving you long-term revenue certainty.

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Watch our 30 minute partner training webinar

Learn everything you need to know about the Cascade Partner Program by watching our free 30 minute partner training:

  • How you can benefit from building Cascade into your into your business
  • How to white-label Cascade to match your brand
  • How to build your own set of client scorecards and strategic frameworks into Cascade

We strongly recommend watching this training session before you get started with the program.

Webinar: Partner Training

A 30 minute introduction to the Cascade Partner Program and how to use it to help grow your business.

Duration: 30 minutes

Check out the benefits by tier of joining the program:

  • Qualifying Criteria
  • Commission / Discount
  • Free Cascade
  • Free Users
  • 1:1 Training / Support
  • Clients Referred to you
    Bronze partners enjoy:
    • Qualifying Criteria: None
    • Commission / Discount: 15%
    • Free Cascade:
    • Free Users:
    • 1:1 Training / Support:
    • Clients Referred to you:
    • Qualifying Criteria: 10 Sales or US$10k
    • Commission / Discount: 20%
    • Free Cascade: Up to 3 Users
    • Free Users:
    • 1:1 Training / Support:
    • Clients Referred to you:
  • GOLD
    • Qualifying Criteria: 20 Sales or US$20k
    • Commission / Discount: 25%
    • Free Cascade: Up to 10 Users
    • Free Users:
    • 1:1 Training / Support:
    • Clients Referred to you:

Ready to super-charge your business?

Register instantly for your free partner portal account.

Have questions? Check out the Partner Program FAQs:

Does it cost to join the Cascade Partner Program?

There is currently no charge to join the Partner Program.

How do I get in contact with Cascade?

You can use the chat function (the blue icon in the bottom right of your Cascade or Partner Portal screen), or at [email protected]

What support resources can I expect as a partner?

Partners receive access to support by email and live chat. You also get access to our complete library of training material and videos. If you go in to your Partner Portal and go to “Resources”, you’ll see a suite of documents and videos to help you understand, sell, and support Cascade.

Can I book further help sessions?

Partners in the Silver tier and above can book additional 1:1 sessions, so we can help you get Cascade working for your clients. Just get in contact with your Account Manager or the Cascade helpdesk.

Will Cascade Strategy pitch to my clients?

Generally we encourage you to maintain the business relationship with your client, while we remain as your vendor. Partners in the Silver tier and above can contact us if they need particular assistance with a client, and we can discuss options on a case-by-case basis.

How does the revenue share work?

If you opt for the revenue share option, you’ll receive the stated revenue share percentage for your tier for all revenue earned on accounts that you sign-up to Cascade (this applies to user licences and add-ons). Payouts are made quarterly via PayPal unless you request a different method of payment. You’ll continue to receive payouts for as long as the client remains a customer of Cascade and you remain a partner, subject to our full T&Cs. Note that the revenue share is calculated after any discounts (e.g. annual purchase) have been applied.

Do discounts only apply to licences, or to add-ons too?

Both – your tier discount (e.g. 15% for Bronze tier) will apply to licences and add-ons. Note that your tier discount is applied after any other discounts have been applied.

Do I get any discounts for me?

Yes. As you move into the Silver tier and above, you’re eligible for a free Cascade instance for your own business, and discounts on add-ons for yourself. Note that outside this, you don’t get a revenue share (or equivalent discount) on your own Cascade instance.

How do the tiers work?

When you achieve one of the qualifying criteria (e.g. 10 new sales) in the “Partnership Year”, you move in to that tier. You maintain that tier for the remainder of that Partnership Year, and you keep it for the next one too (subject to the T&Cs). “Partnership Year” is a 12 month period, day 1 of which is when you Partnership Agreement was accepted, which then recurs from that date in following years, just like a “subscription”.

When is a sale/revenue target recognized?

Sales – You need to make the specified number of new sales in the Partnership Year. The date a “sale” is registered is the date that Cascade receives first payment for the service (we may make it earlier or later to improve your tier, at our discretion).
The day after you hit the sales target, you’ll move up into the next tier.
Revenue – “Eligible Revenue” is the current annual Cascade recurring revenue for all your clients (excluding any sales taxes), plus any additional add-ons you’ve sold in the last 12 months. e.g. if you have 10 clients each currently paying US$1,000 per year for their Cascade subscription (in monthly or single annual payments), your Eligible Revenue would be US$10,000. The day after your Eligible Revenue reaches the threshold for a tier, you’ll move up into that tier.

Do you still offer Australian Dollar pricing?

Yes. We’ve focused the website on US Dollar pricing as a baseline for the international market, but if you go into the “Subscription” page of a Cascade instance, you still get the AUD billing option. Contact us if you want to see a breakdown of the AUD pricing.

Can I add branding to Cascade?

Yes. You can add your branding to all your clients’ Cascades, or start with your logo and colors as a default and update to their branding as you build their plan, to really personalize the experience.

Can I use my preferred methodologies, frameworks etc.?

Yes. You can add your preferred frameworks, labels, and terminology, to each Cascade instance you create, or have them applied as a default template when you create Cascade instances from your Partner Portal.

Can I use the Cascade logo, e.g. place it on my website?

Not to start with. We generally like to establish a relationship before we will allow our branding to be used by a partner, but we do give permission once we’re working well together.

Can I re-brand Cascade material (e.g. blog articles, Knowledge Base articles)?

No, but obviously we’re very happy for you to reference or link to any of our content, and you’re welcome to create your own help material for your own clients, to really make Cascade part of your portfolio.

Can I completely remove any mention of Cascade or Responsis from the system?

No. The Cascade logo will appear in a few places (e.g. on certain exports), and all the Knowledge Base material, videos, helpdesk etc. will all be Cascade. This is all part of the aim to provide you with an enhancement to your service portfolio, powered by Cascade.

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