What currencies can I pay in?

We currently support USD and AUD. We’ll be adding more currencies soon, so drop us a line on support@executestrategy.net and we’ll let you know when we support your local currency.

Do you provide refunds?

Under most circumstances, we don’t provide refunds for subscriptions you’ve already paid upfront for.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also support PayPal. If you’d rather pay by EFT, Wire, Check or another form of payment, please contact us on billing@executestrategy.net.

Can I pay monthly?

You can pay for your subscription either monthly or annually. We provide extra discounts for annual subscriptions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your Cascade subscription by going to Admin – System – Subscription – Cancel. When you cancel your subscription, you will immediately lose access to Cascade. You can reactivate your subscription at any time in the future and your data will remain safe and sound.

Can I see a live demo of Cascade?

To see a live demo of Cascade, fully populated with dummy data, just click the ‘Switch to Demo’ button in the top right of the screen:


Alternatively if you’d rather have one of our team walk you through the platform and answer any questions, you can book a product demo here.

Dashboards and Reporting

How do I delete a dashboard?

You can delete dashboards by clicking on the down arrow in the top left corner, next to each dashboard you will see a an option to delete, note you will not have the option to delete the dashboard you are currently on:

deleting dashboards

How can I share my dashboard with someone else?

If you have a dashboard that you’d like other people to be able to ‘clone’ just send the name of the dashboard to us via a support ticket and we’ll set that up for you.

Can I export Snapshot Reports?

Yes, Snapshots can be exported to PDF – generate the Snapshot first, then click the ‘Download PDF’ button.

Can I customize the look and feel of Snapshot Reports?

Yes, Snapshots will use the logo and colors that you have defined under your settings – Admin – Settings – Branding.

Goal Management

Why can I sometimes delete my goal directly without archiving?

If your goal is in a Draft state, you won’t need to archive it before deleting.

How do I use the My Team page if I don’t have team members?

If you have no team members, then you won’t see anyone listed when you land on the page. However you can use the search and navigate functions to locate other teams from throughout the organization to see what they’re up to!

I have a large team – can I filter the data?

You can choose which team members to show on the page using the checkboxes at the top of the page.

What happens if I make a mistake creating a goal?

Don’t worry, you can always edit your goal at a later stage.

Do my goals need to be approved by someone else before I can start working on them?

No, when you a create a goal it is live straight away. Your manager will receive a notification and be able to take a look at the goal you’ve just created. If they have any questions or issues with the goal, they may raise this via the notifications system.

Can I edit or delete my updates / comments?

You have 15 minutes from when you make an update or write a comment to either edit or delete it. You can do this by clicking the ‘Edit Pen’ icon next to the update or comment that you want to edit. You can also click the ‘Cross’ icon to delete it. We only allow you to make changes for 15 minutes to ensure the integrity of updates and correct obvious typos or errors.

Human Capital Management

Why aren’t all individuals in my organisation displaying on the talent grid?

An Individual will only display on the Talent Grid if both the a Managerial Assessment and a potenial survey for that person has been completed.

Whose Role Description can I edit?

You can only edit Role Descriptions for people in your team – you can’t edit anyone else’s including your own.

Who can approve or Reject edits made to Role Descriptions?

Only Users with the ‘Performance’ privilege.

Can I use Competencies without Using Role Descriptions?

No, you must assign Competencies to Role Descriptions, so use of that feature is mandated for Competencies.

Performance & Rewards

How do I adjust the distributed awards before they are released?

Anyone who has the Rewards Privilege has the ability to alter the rewards that have been distributed by the managers in Reports – Rewards. Click the edit icon next to an individual’s name to adjust the salary increase or bonus allocated to that person.

How do I edit the currency of my rewards?

To change the currency in My Rewards, go to Strategy – Plan – Define Framework, and add a goal unit. Once this goal unit has been added it will show in the drop down menu in the rewards setup.

Can salary and bonuses be managed separately?

Yes, within the Admin – Rewards section you are given the ability to plan the distribution of salary increases, bonuses, or both.

Strategic Planning

How does Cascade calculate ‘Engagement’?

We use a proprietary formula to benchmark engagement, which takes into account a mixture of elements such as:

  • When a user last logged in
  • How often they view the strategic plan
  • How much time they spend viewing the plan
  • How often they update their goals
  • How many 1:1 meetings are recorded
  • How many goals they have
  • How aligned their goals are to the strategy

The formula returns an engagement score which is displayed on the engagement report.

Can everyone see the data on the Engagement report?

Only users with the ‘strategy’ privilege will be able to see the full Engagement report. Other users will only be able to see the high level engagement data, but will not be able to see user-by-user engagement detail. If the user has staff directly reporting to them, they will be able to see the user-by-user data for their staff.

How can I add a mission statement?

Cascade’s strategy framework deliberately omits mission statements. The reason is that in our experiences working with clients, we find that a lot of people ask the question ‘What is the difference between a vision and a mission?’. Whilst it’s perfectly possible to explain the difference, we believe that any distraction from the key message of the plan, or anything that add confusion should be avoided. If you really want to include a mission statement, you can do so in two ways. Option 1: Rename ‘Vision’ to ‘Mission’ using the Labels option described above – note that you will lose the ability to have a vision statement if you do this. Option 2: Use the ‘Bring it to life’ section of the vision statement to add your mission statement, so when people click on the vision statement, they expand this out to then see the mission underneath.

Can I re-order my Focus Areas?

Focus areas can be drag and dropped into place, so you can order them any way you choose.

Can I re-order my organizational goals and goals?

You can define the order of your goals using the options on the left of the planner – you can choose between date order, alphabetical order, etc.

Why are some parts of my plan showing in grey?

Any parts of your plan that show in grey are still in draft form – to make them live, click the ‘Launch and Communicate’ button.

How can I add my logo and branding to the strategy export?

Simply ensure that you have uploaded your logo and set your branding colors under Admin – System – Branding.

Can I use custom colors and pictures to liven up my strategic plan?

Ensure that ‘Planner Theming’ is enabled under Admin – System – Features and you can upload individual pictures and colors that appear next to your vision, values and focus areas.

Can I view my strategic plan as a Gantt chart?

Simply switch to the ‘Gantt View’ using the button above the Focus Areas.

Why are parts of my plan showing in the color grey?

There are two things to check if parts of your plan are showing in grey:

1) If your plan is not yet ‘launched’ then it will be grey – however as soon as you click the “Launch and communicate” button on the right hand side of the strategy planner, it will adopt the colors you have specified under Admin – System – Branding.

2) If, even after launching, you find it is still grey (sometimes this is the case if your company colors happen to be grey) – then you can enable ‘Planner Theming‘ from Admin – System – Features (the switch at the bottom of this page). Once you have done this, click on any component of the strategic plan, then click the ‘Bring it to Life’ tab and customize colors from there.


Once a survey is deployed, can it be edited?

No, once a survey has been deployed you will not be able to edit the content or add additional respondents. If you wish to do this a new survey must be launched.

I have deployed a survey, why is it not showing for everyone?

There could be a few reasons why a particular user cannot see your survey:

  • A survey will not show if the survey’s end date has passed
  • The survey has been manually ended by someone with the survey privilege
  • The survey was only deployed to certain individuals

Can I close a survey early?

Yes, you can close a survey before the deadline you created by going to Reports – Surveys, then clicking the Survey you want to end and finally clicking the ‘End Survey’ button.

Are surveys anonymous?

Currently no, however we will be adding this feature in the future.

Can I send surveys to users outside of Cascade?

Currently no, however we will be adding this feature in the future.


Can I see a live demo of Cascade?

To see a live demo of Cascade, fully populated with dummy data, just click the ‘Switch to Demo’ button in the top right of the screen:


Alternatively if you’d rather have one of our team walk you through the platform and answer any questions, you can book a product demo here.