Whatever your training needs, we’ve got you covered. All Cascade subscriptions come with full unlimited access to our knowledgebase and collection of self help resources including videos and tutorials. Enterprise customers have training included in their plan. For Basic and Pro customers, you can choose a training option from the list below.

Outlined below are each of the training options we offer. Don’t forget to also check out the various addons available to make your instance even better.

Train the Trainer

US$: 2,500 (AU$: 3,500) – one-time charge

We’ll provide and facilitate 2 x 90 minute sessions with a small team of trainers that you select to be your internal Cascade Champions. We’ll equip them with all the knowledge they need to train others on how to use Cascade and also how to administer the system. Training topics will include:

  1. Setting up & managing the Strategic Plan
  2. Adding and managing goals
  3. Running reports
  4. Administering users and the organization
  5. Resolving common questions and issues
  6. Creating integrations to other business systems

In addition to the above, the session will be recorded in full for future reference, and we’ll put together a custom video that you can show new users containing training on exactly the features that are relevant to your organization.

Training for 5 / 30 / 100 / 500 / 500+ Users

5 Users – US$: 500 (AU$: 700) – one-time charge
30 Users – US$: 800 (AU$: 1,200) – one-time charge
100 Users – US$: 1,500 (AU$: 2,100) – one-time charge
500 Users – US$: 6,000 (AU$: 8,400) – one-time charge
> 500 Users – US$: 10 (AU$: 14) – per user

Let our training team run a series of sessions to train your entire organization. We’ll run webinars with a maximum of 30 occupants in each until your entire organization is trained and ready to use Cascade.

We’ll tailor the content of the training sessions to fit the needs of the audience. We suggest splitting the groups by seniority level, which will allow us to focus the functionality and features of the training to the exact audience.

The training session(s) will be recorded and available for you to show to new starters.