Surveys in Cascade can be used in various ways, from developing your strategy to planning the Christmas party! Cascade comes preloaded with several templates for you to use, or you can design your own survey from scratch. Surveys are the engine that powers our Career and development planning and talent management features, as well as several other components of the Cascade platform. You can create and edit survey templates from Admin – Surveys. NOTE: You’ll need the appropriate system privileges to be able to create and send surveys.

Survey admin nav

Creating a Survey

The first thing you will need to do when creating your survey is to set up your survey template, Cascade comes preconfigured with a range of survey templates for your use, or you can build your template from scratch. This video will give you a complete run down of how to create a survey:


What question types can I use in my Survey?

Cascade currently supports 5 different question types – they are:

Free text response

question type
Multiple choice

Multiple choice (Several Answers)

survey listt

Data-based drop down

data drop down

Deploying a Survey

Once you’ve created your survey, you’ll want to deploy it to your people. You can deploy surveys to everyone in the organization, or just specific people. Watch the following video to see how:

When you deploy a survey, the people to whom you’ve deployed will receive an (optional) email, and a notification in Cascade. They can click on this notification to be taken directly to the survey for them to complete it.

Completing surveys

All pending surveys will be visible on a user’s dashboard. Click on either the link in the survey notification or on your dashboard to complete the survey. You are able to save drafts of your answers and submit them at a later point. Be mindful that answers can no longer be altered once submitted and that some surveys may have a deadline by which time they need to be completed. Check out this video to see exactly how it all works:


Analyzing Survey Results

You can see the results of any survey by going to Reports – Surveys and selecting the survey you want to view from the list on the left hand side. This video will show you how it works:


You can download a copy of the survey results in pdf format by clicking the download link at the top right of the screen.


Once a survey is deployed, can it be edited?

No, once a survey has been deployed you will not be able to edit the content or add additional respondents. If you wish to do this a new survey must be launched.

I have deployed a survey, why is it not showing for everyone?

There could be a few reasons why a particular user cannot see your survey:

  • A survey will not show if the survey’s end date has passed
  • The survey has been manually ended by someone with the survey privilege
  • The survey was only deployed to certain individuals

Can I close a survey early?

Yes, you can close a survey before the deadline you created by going to Reports – Surveys, then clicking the Survey you want to end and finally clicking the ‘End Survey’ button.

Are surveys anonymous?

Currently no, however we will be adding this feature in the future.

Can I send surveys to users outside of Cascade?

Currently no, however we will be adding this feature in the future.