Strategic Planning Template


What is it?

With so many organizations using Cascade for strategic planning, we’ve created a free strategic planning template based on our framework for anyone to use, even if they choose not to use our strategy execution platform. So without further ado, checkout our free strategic planning template – you can work with it offline, in meetings, workshops and more!

Our strategic planning template is Microsoft Excel based, and if you do decided to sign up for a free trial of Cascade later on, you can easily import your plan into our cloud platform and move onto the execution phase using our communication, collaboration and productivity tools.

Free Strategic Planning Template

Who is it for?

The strategic plan template is perfect for people who have been tasked with creating a strategic plan, and have a reasonable idea of what they want to achieve as an organization. The type of people that will get the most value from this template include:

  • CEOs or other C-Level executives
  • Startup founders
  • Heads of Strategy
  • Students studying strategic planning

How do I use it?

The strategic planning template will guide you through a number of steps to create a strategic plan:

  1. Defining your vision
  2. Defining your values
  3. Defining the focus areas for your organization
  4. Defining the scorecard / strategy frameworks that you want to work with
  5. Defining the key units of measurement for your strategy
  6. Setting high level organizational goals
  7. Setting more detailed goals that can be assigned to individuals to execute on

It follows the same basic principles that you’ll find in our free strategic planning guide that you can also download here. If you need more help getting started with your vision statement, you may also want to check out our downloadable toolkit for building a vision statement.

All of the tabs are editable except for the final ‘Output’ tab which is where the template will automatically build your strategic plan for you into a format that you can save, export, print etc.

If you need any help at all using the template, don’t hesitate to get in touch  and we’ll do our best to help you create the perfect strategic plan. We would love for you to share the template with others that you think might find it useful – just use the share links below!

Download the strategic planning template:

Just click the button below to download the strategic planning template. If this is the first time you’ve downloaded from us, we’ll ask for your email address and send you a heads-up about any future ebooks and templates that we think you might like.

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