Snapshots are probably the single most useful report type in Cascade. They give you an update to date snapshot of your strategy, your personal progress, or the progress of your team. They’re highly configurable and can be easily exported to PDF for offline viewing. You’ll find Snapshot Reporting under Reports – Snapshots:

snapshots list
Check out this short video of what Snapshots can do:


Personal, Team & Strategy Snapshots

There are three different types of Snapshots that you can generate in Cascade:

Personal: The snapshot will be focused on one particular person’s goals – this could be you, or anyone else in the organization that you want to generate a snapshot for. You’ll be able to see everything that person is working on and where they’re up to.

Team: The snapshot will be focused on one team and the goals of everyone in that team – this could be your own team or someone else’s. You’ll be able to see everything that team is working on and where they’re up to. Use the team manager’s name as your search criteria.

Strategy: The snapshot will be focused on the strategic plan, and will group all goals by their Focus Areas. You’ll also be able to see who’s working on what, but the primary grouping will be by Focus Area. This is the snapshot mostly commonly used for board reporting, etc.

Defining your Scope

When you run a snapshot you can decide what information you wish to see – the scope options will vary slightly depending on which type of Snapshot you are generating. In the example below you can see the strategy snapshot. In the scope section you are able select which Focus Areas you wish to include in the report. You can also apply filters by Goal Type and by Organizational Unit to further refine the data you see.

You can also define how many levels of sub-goals you wish to include in your report, the more levels of sub-goals you include the deeper you will dive into the different layers of your strategy.


When defining your scope you can also  apply goal type filters, this will allow you to view goals assigned to a particular goal type. You can also tick multiple options at once, selecting two or more goal types you wish to display.

snapshot scope

Advanced Settings

The columns on your snapshot can be configured as well as the date range from which you will see goals – click on the “Show Advanced” button to see all of the options. The filters and sorting allow you to specify a certain time frame to view your goals from. You can also determine how your goals are sorted. Goals can be sorted alphabetically, by completion, by start date or by due date.  The columns section allows you to determine which columns you wish to see in your snapshot.  There are 14 different columns to choose from that cover all kinds of aspects from your goal information.

advanced snapshot settings

Once you have determined your scope and columns you simply generate the report. Once your report is generated you can dive into the goal hub of any goal by clicking on the goal title.


Can I export Snapshot Reports?

Yes, Snapshots can be exported to PDF – generate the Snapshot first, then click the ‘Download PDF’ button.

Can I customize the look and feel of Snapshot Reports?

Yes, Snapshots will use the logo and colors that you have defined under your settings – Admin – Settings – Branding.