“My Rewards” allows you to plan the distribution of salary increases and bonuses to your people. This is then reviewed by the appropriate administrators and released to the organization. This feature can be used in isolation or in conjunction with ratings pulled from the Performance module. Watch a quick overview below.


Configuring Rewards

To switch on the Rewards feature you will need to turn it on in Admin – System – Features. Once you have switched on the Salary Management feature, you will be able to configure it. Any individual with Performance Privilege will have the ability to configure and analyze your performance results.

salary admin

Once you have switched on Rewards there are three main components to configure: settings, salaries, and workflow. This short video runs through this process;


Distributing Rewards

Reward distribution can be planned by managers from the My Team page, simply click the Distribute rewards in the top right corner. NOTE: Once the manager completes the distribution for their reports this will not be visible to the individuals until it is reviewed by the appropriate administrators in Cascade.


Analyzing and Releasing Rewards

To analyze your Rewards data, go to Reports – Rewards. Here you will be able to review managers’ allocations, view historical allocations and release the rewards cycle to the people of your organization.



How do I adjust the distributed awards before they are released?

Anyone who has the Rewards Privilege has the ability to alter the rewards that have been distributed by the managers in Reports – Rewards. Click the edit icon next to an individual’s name to adjust the salary increase or bonus allocated to that person.

How do I edit the currency of my rewards?

To change the currency in My Rewards, go to Strategy – Plan – Define Framework, and add a goal unit. Once this goal unit has been added it will show in the drop down menu in the rewards setup.

Can salary and bonuses be managed separately?

Yes, within the Admin – Rewards section you are given the ability to plan the distribution of salary increases, bonuses, or both.