“Performance management” in Cascade is the process for assessing an individual’s contribution over a period of time. The specifics of each stage can be configured, however there are four main steps.
Performance cycle
It involves both a continuous process of managing the performance of yourself and your employees, as well as a formal end-of-period review process.
There are Four stages to performance management:
Ongoing Assessment :  where you update your goals and have meetings with your manager / staff

Self Assessment :  where you review your own performance and give yourself a series of ratings.

Manager Appraisal :  where your manager will review your self assessment and give ratings of their own.

Results Released: where results will be released after being reviewed and finalized by an administrator.

Typically, performance management covers performance against goals, values, and your overall effectiveness against your role description – though these sections are customizable. Because each state follows a workflow, once you switch to a new state you will not to be able to go back to a previous state (e.g. once you switch to  the “Manager Appraisal”, individuals will no longer be able to complete Self Appraisals as part of this assessment cycle.


Configuring your performance settings

Your performance can be configured from the Admin – Performance page. Here you have the ability to configure the scales used to assess your people, and switch between different assessment states.


Ongoing Assessment and Mid-year Reviews

Ongoing assessments is designed to capture one-to-one catch ups between individuals and managers. This process can also be used to catch mid-year reviews.


Completing Self Appraisals

Note: Self appraisals can only be conducted when this mode is enabled by your Cascade administrator. Self appraisals can be conducted through the ‘My Performance’ option on the drop down menu under your name (top left of screen). Self appraisal for your values, goals, and job description can be conducted through a rating system and a comment. Once each section has been completed click ‘save’. Your manager will then be able to review your ratings and comments.


Completing Manager Appraisals

Manager appraisals can only be started once the performance administrator has switched the cycle into the “Manager Appraisal” stage.  Managers can access their teams’ self assessments and complete the assessment for each individual from the My Team page.


Analysis results

Results can be analyzed by performance admin as soon as they come in. This can be done from the Reports – Performance  page. Here you will be able to view how many appraisals have been completed, unlock or amend any appraisals that require further attention, and analyze how different organizational units compare to each other (and your target distribution).


Unlocking and amending appraisals

If you have the performance privilege you have the ability to edit the self and manager appraisals submitted by your people.
This can be done by going into Reports – Performance and clicking the edit icon next to the person’s name.
Here you will have the ability to alter or add any responses before they are released.
If a response has been edited the data will display with edit information alongside it.