My Team

The My Team page allows you to manage and work with members of your team. You can perform a range of actions via the My Team page, including:
  • Viewing all team member goals
  • Navigating to other teams in the organization to view their goals
  • Initiating performance reviews and other HR features for your team members

Here’s a quick video that outlines what you can do on this page:



Viewing your team’s goals

When you land on the My Team page, you’ll see a list of any direct reports you have configured in Cascade. Under each person, you’ll see a list of the different goals that they’re working on. You can click on any of these goals to be taken directly to the Goal Hub for that goal.

One of the most useful features on the My Team page, is the ability to see the alignment of your team’s goals – both to your own goals, and to the Focus Areas of the organization. To view how one of your team member’s goals aligns, click the ‘Show alignment’ button next to the goal in question:


When you click that button, the system will highlight any alignments as follows:


Viewing other team’s goals

You can use the My Team page to search for other teams in your organization, to see what they’re working on too. There are two ways you can do this. You can use the navigation buttons as below to navigate up and down through the organizational hierarchy, one level at a time:

Or you can use the team search function, by simply typing in the name of the manager who’s team you want to display:



Parachuting a goal

You can create goals for your team members using the ‘Parachute Goal’ functionality. You can create the goal for just one person, or you can create the same goal for multiple people. Note that if you parachute a goal to multiple people, you are creating duplicate copies of the same goal NOT adding multiple owners to one single goal. An example of a parachuted goal for multiple people might be ‘Sell 10 cats’ – whereby each person would have a personal target to sell 10 cats each.


When you parachute a goal, you will use the same Goal Designer as creating any other goal – however on the final tab, you will be able to assign the goal to as many people as you like by searching / clicking on their name.


What do all these buttons do?

For people that you directly manage, you may see a series of buttons against their name (the buttons that you see will vary depending on what features of Cascade have been enabled). Here’s a quick overview of what they each do:

View snapshot: To view and print a one-page snapshot of a person’s current goals, click the View Snapshot button. This is useful when attending meetings with the individual.

Performance: The performance button allows you to perform activities such as writing up notes following a 1:1 meeting, conducting mid-year or end of year appraisals, etc.

Potential: Potential allows you to rate an individual’s future potential within the organization which may be useful for human capital management processes.

Career and Development Plan: View and make comments about the person’s personal career and development plan.

Competencies: Competencies are linked to Role Descriptions and describe the key skills you wish an individual to display in their role.

Rewards: Reward allows you to view salary and bonus information for an employee.

View Team:  Allows you to go one level down in the organizational hierarchy and the direct reports of that person (their team).

Review: Whenever an individual creates a goal a manager will be given the opportunity to review the goal and provide feedback. Managers can comment on the goal or make edits if need be.

Review Completion: Reviewing completion in a feature configured by your Cascade Admin. It requires managers to review the completion of a goal before it can be marked completed by an individual. NOTE you will only see this button if this feature is switched on.


How do I use the My Team page if I don’t have team members?

If you have no team members, then you won’t see anyone listed when you land on the page. However you can use the search and navigate functions to locate other teams from throughout the organization to see what they’re up to!

I have a large team – can I filter the data?

You can choose which team members to show on the page using the checkboxes at the top of the page.