Managing Tasks

In this article we are going to explore at how to add Tasks to your Goals and all the ways to use the Tasks function.

Tasks can be used to break up all the work that needs to be done to complete a Goal. You can add Tasks by going to the Goal-Hub and selecting a Goal that you wish to add a Task to.



Adding Tasks

Tasks must be attached to a Goal. Inside the Goal Hub simply click the ‘Add Task’ button. You can split your Task between a title and (optionally) more details. To the right of the ‘Add Title’  bar, there is an ‘Add Due Date’ option.  Simply click and select the desired due date, this due date will change colour when the Task becomes overdue, to warn the user. You can also upload a file which will be stored alongside your Task. Once you have a created your task , other users can make comments on the Task. If you click submit on your Task, and then decide you need to edit the Task, the pen icon next to the title of your Task allows you to edit and update the Task if you require. To complete a Task, simply check the box next to desired Task and it moves to the completed list.

Viewing Tasks

Tasks can be viewed in various ways depending on what you’d like to see.  If you would like to view all Tasks related to a specific Goal, clicking on My Goals, and selecting the desired Goal will take you to it’s Goal Hub where all Tasks for this specific Goal can be viewed by clicking the Tasks List icon to the left of the page.

Alternatively, if you would like to view all Tasks of all your, your teams, or the organisations Goals; the snapshot reports are a great tool.  Once you have chosen which snapshot you would like to view, you need to remember to click the ‘Show Advanced’ tab and tick the Tasks button in the Columns list.


Another great way to view or search for Tasks is in the Tasks area of Reports. If you would like to search for a particular Task, you can use the  filters on the left hand side of the screen to refine your search.  Once you click Generate Report, the Tasks will appear in a list with all their details, you can use the Slide bar at the bottom of the list to slide across the page to view more information.


To view at a quick glance all your Tasks, the Tasks widget in My Dashboard is a useful resource.  Once in My Dashboard, click the Widgets button on the top right hand side of the page and select Tasks from the drop down menu.  The widget displays each of your Tasks under their corresponding Goals and allows you to quickly view incomplete tasks, and check off any complete Tasks.




When should you use tasks and when should you use sub-goals?

Sub-goals are also used to break a goal into smaller pieces, however they contain much more functionality than a tasks. They have the full functionality of goals, including a time frame, sophisticated tracking and the ability to add tasks, issues and updates.  Tasks  are designed for smaller pieces of work, things that can be marked simply marked as  complete or incomplete.