Addons and Training


We’ve created a suite of Cascade Addons for customers on our Basic and Pro level plans. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, Cascade Addons are included in your subscription (based on your specific Enterprise package).

Find out more about each of them below, and sign up within the system on the Subscription page. You can also sign up for one of our training packages.

General Addons

Cascade Kickstart

US$ 2,900 – one-time charge

Our new Kickstart addon gives you everything you need to get up and running fast. This package bundles together our two most popular addons into one discount package:

Cascade Setup – Upload of your strategic plan, setup of your strategy framework, scorecards, reports, dashboards, integrations and more.

Training – A dedicated training session for you and your colleagues to get fully up-to-speed on how to use Cascade and all the features on offer.

The Kickstart addon represents significant savings over purchasing these addons separately.

Find out more about Cascade Setup and Training below, which you can also purchase separately.

Cascade Setup

US$ 2,300 – one-time charge

We’ll spend some time understanding exactly what you want to get out of Cascade, then get everything setup and ready for you to start executing your strategy. After an initial discovery session, we will setup the following for you:

  1. Your strategic plan using any PowerPoint, Excel or PDF files you have
  2. Your roles, users and permissions
  3. Features and settings
  4. Strategy governance / automated system reminders
  5. Shared dashboards
  6. Integrations with other systems you use*

This addon is ideal if you already have a strategic plan and want to be sure that you’re getting the absolute best value from your Cascade instance. For full details, see Cascade Setup.

*Simple integrations only with one of the web applications on our supported integration list. For integration with any other system, you may need to purchase a separate integration addon.

Custom Reports

US$ 500 – per report

Cascade comes pre-configured with a wide range of reports. In addition, our team can create a custom report pulling together any of the data we hold in the system. All you need to do is provide a template of the columns you would like to see in the report as an Excel file. We will then review your requirements, ensure we understand exactly what you need, and then build the report right into Cascade for you to trigger at any time in the future.

Zapier Integration Creation

From US$ 400 – per integration

We know that Zapier integrations are a great way to get information moving between Cascade and your other business systems, to minimize work and maximise the completeness and accuracy, and make sure that your information is where you want it, when you want it. We also know that not everyone wants to build those integrations themselves in Zapier – let us work with you to design your Zapier integration, and we’ll build it for you. Contact Cascade Support if you’re interested in this addon.

Training Addons

User Training

US$ 1,000 per session – one-time charge (max 30 people, recommended 10 people)

Let our training team run focused, structured sessions to train all your users.

We’ll tailor the content of the training sessions to fit the needs of the audience. We usually suggest splitting the groups by seniority level, which will allow us to focus the functionality and features of the training to the specific audience.

We’ll run them as 90 minute webinars – we recommend 10 people per session, so that it can be more comfortable and interactive, but you can have up to 30 attendees, if you wish.

The training session(s) can be recorded and available for you to show to new starters, or use as a refresher.

Train the Trainer

US$ 3,500 – one-time charge

We’ll provide and facilitate 2 x 90 minute sessions with a small team of trainers that you select to be your internal Cascade Champions. We’ll equip them with all the knowledge they need to train others on how to use Cascade, and also how to administer the system. Training topics will include:

  1. Setting up & managing the Strategic Plan
  2. Adding and managing goals
  3. Running reports
  4. Administering users and the organization
  5. Resolving common questions and issues
  6. Creating integrations to other business systems

In addition to the above, the session can be recorded in full for future reference, and we’ll put together a custom video that you can show new users containing training on exactly the features that are relevant to your organization.

Enterprise Addons

Single Sign-On

US$ 1,500 – per year

Give your people a totally seamless experience with Cascade’s single sign-on solution. No need for separate usernames and passwords, access to Cascade will be handled by your existing authentication provider. We provide support for the most popular single sign-on services for a one-time setup fee, including:

  • Microsoft Active Directory / ADFS
  • Google Apps
  • OAuth
  • OpenID

If you don’t see your provider in the list, drop us an email to and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Embedded Dashboard

From US$ 300 – per Dashboard

If you need to share information around your organisation or with the wider world, Cascade can help. You can share your Dashboards on your intranet or public website, so people without Cascade access can see what’s going on. Maybe you have public accountability, or organisation-wide initiatives to communicate, or maybe you just want everyone in your business to engage with how things are going – Embedded Dashboards can help you with all of these. Contact Cascade Support if you’re interested in this addon.

Advanced Cascade Integration

US$ 2,000 – per advanced integration

Whilst the majority of Cascade’s (over 800!) integrations can be configured quickly and easily by yourself, or with a little help from our support team – sometimes things are just a bit more complicated. If you’re running older in-house systems that don’t allow us to push and pull data easily via a REST API, we can still help to setup a real-time two-way integration using a different method.

Contact our team with details of the specific system and use case that you have in mind and we’ll see what we can do. There will be a one-time charge to setup an advanced integration. Contact Cascade Support if you’re interested in this addon.

Dedicated Servers

US$ 800 – per month

Standard Cascade instances are deployed on a shared server within our cloud environment. Whilst all client databases are distinct and separate, resources such as CPU, bandwidth and RAM are shared. If you would like to have Cascade hosted on a dedicated server within our cloud environment, this addon is for you. Some of the benefits of dedicated hosting include:

  • An additional layer of isolation / security
  • A faster system
  • Selection of your own geographic location
  • IP address whitelisting

One of the biggest benefits of dedicated servers is that you can choose the geographic location in which to host your instance of Cascade. This could be crucial for ensuring compliance against location requirements, such as in Canada where certain information is mandated to be stored within Canada only. You can choose from one of the following geographic locations:

  • US East (N. Virginia)
  • US East (Ohio)
  • US West (N. California)
  • US West (Oregon)
  • Canada (Central)
  • EU (Ireland)
  • EU (Frankfurt)
  • EU (London)
  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
  • Asia Pacific (Seoul)
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
  • South America (São Paulo)

Even if you don’t see your desired location on the list above, contact our team at to see if we can create a new location, just for you.

Strategy Service Addons

Strategic Plan Assessment / Report

US$ 650 – one-time charge

A written assessment of your strategic plan, and how to best represent it in Cascade, from our Cascade strategy specialists. We will talk over your strategy, review your existing material, and help you set yourself up for realising your plan.

Strategic Governance

US$ 15,000 – per year

Once per quarter for one year, our team of strategy experts will come on-site to help implement and deploy Cascade, as well as create strategic governance within your organization. Topics covered will include:

  • Implementation of and training on Cascade
  • Standardization of processes surrounding the execution of your company’s strategy
  • Reviewing reports and pinpointing issues
  • Best practices to achieve strategic success
  • New product features and showing how they can benefit your organization

This is the ultimate way to not only implement Cascade, but to create a structure for strategic execution that will help you achieve your goals.

Strategy Workshop

US$ 1,200 – one-time charge

Not sure how to structure your strategy, or just need a few pointers on how to make your plan really shine? This addon will give you a full 90 minute session with one of our strategy experts, who will get to know your business and help you to prepare the perfect strategic plan.

Our strategy expert can help you to craft your vision, values and goals and then get them setup in Cascade, ready to go.