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HR tools and insights to help you grow, and your people thrive

Integrated human capital and talent management features including Role Descriptions, Talent Grids, and Potential Assessments give you incredible insights about your best asset – your people.

Human Capital Management - Role Descriptions

Create and manage role descriptions

  • Create your library of role and job descriptions
    An intuitive builder lets you create role descriptions section-by-section.
  • Assign skills and competencies to roles
    Link role descriptions to your competency and skills database.
  • Role descriptions fit seamlessly into appraisals
    Assess people against their role description as part of a formal performance management process.
  • Allow users to search for other people’s role descriptions
    Add an extra layer of transparency to your organisation.

Assess competencies and skills

  • Build your competency database
    Use our off-the-shelf competency database, or build and customise your own.
  • Assign competencies to roles and assess how people match up
    You can run self-assessments and manager assessments of how people perform against their prescribed competencies.
  • Analyse data at an individual or team level…
    See how individuals are performing against competencies over time, or how entire teams match up.
  • …Or across your entire organisation
    See organisation-wide reports about how you’re equipped across the board, in specific competency areas.
Human Capital Management - Competencies
Human Capital Management - Talent Grid

Uncover the potential of your people

  • Design potential assessments
    Use our off-the-shelf potential assessment, or customise it to fit your needs.
  • Run potential assessments across the organisation
    Managers complete the assessment on behalf of their team members, and Cascade calculates a ‘potential’ score for each person.
  • Plot results on the talent grid
    Compare how people’s potential lines up with their actual performance.

Complete career and development planning

  • Design your career and development plan template
    Use our off-the-shelf template, or build and customise your own.
  • Career and development plans are live documents
    Managers and their people can add notes and create iterations of the plan over time.
  • Search for your future role
    People can search the organisation for roles they find interesting, into which they would like to develop.
Career and Development Plan
Human Capital Management - Salaries

Link salaries and bonuses to strategy

  • Manage salaries and bonuses in Cascade
    Synchronise Cascade with your payroll system to manage salaries and bonuses all in one place.
  • Cascade will recommend salary increases and bonuses automatically
    HR and selected managers will receive recommendations about increases to salaries and bonuses based on performance results.
  • Set budgets and pools for salary increases and bonuses
    Allow managers to recommend increases and bonuses within a fixed pool of budget, for HR to review and approve.

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