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Track Strategic Alignment & Engagement

Get unique insights into how strategically aligned and engaged your team are. No other platform in the world gives you depth of strategy data that Cascade puts at your fingertips.

The Strategy Explorer

Cascade's unique Strategy Explorer gives you a visual map of strategic alignment.

Engagement Tracker

Get automated tracking of engagement levels across teams and individuals.

Cascade Trees

Visualize how far your strategy has Cascaded throughout your organization.

Export Data

Export alignment and engagement data to other systems to help you take action.

The Strategy Explorer

Cascade maps the connections between your goals, and shows you how it looks in an interactive visualization:

  • Identify unaligned goals
  • Isolate strategies without enough actions
  • See how different strategic plans connect
  • See every level of detail in one diagram

The Strategy Explorer is a unique way to see your strategy and identify potential issues of alignment.

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Engagement Tracker

Cascade applies a proprietary engagement score to each person in the organization, measuring:

  • Views of the strategy
  • Alignment to strategy
  • Update frequency
  • Over 20 other indicators of engagement

You can view engagement by person, manager or organizational unit giving you insight into problem spots within the organization.

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Cascade Trees

Cascade helps you to create SMART goals and properly define and delegate them throughout your organization:

  • Add timeframes
  • Define metrics
  • Define alignment
  • Assign where appropriate

Goals in Cascade can be as huge as changing the world, or as small as a checklist for a meeting.

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Export Data

Sometimes you need to get data out of one system and into another. Cascade supports export or alignment and engagement data to:

  • PDFs
  • Excel
  • CSV
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