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Powerful dashboards & reports to help you stay on top of your strategy.

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The Cascade Product Hub will walk you through all aspects of the Cascade platform and includes webinars, the knowledge base and the latest product updates.
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Add Projects, KPIs & More

Manage anything that your organization does, right in Cascade - 100% connected to your strategy. Add projects, KPIs or any other type of goal you can think of, then configure how each of them behave.

One Platform Supports All Goals

Consolidate everything that you do into a single system to improve efficiency and reporting.

Manage Projects in Cascade

With support for tasks and risk management, Cascade is the perfect project management tool.

Create Leading & Lagging KPIs

Add detailed KPIs to your strategic plan to help you to effectively measure what matters.

Detailed Targets & Milestones

All goals in Cascade support detailed target definition and period-by-period targets and milestones.

One Platform Supports All Goals

Cascade is highly configurable and allows you to manage different types of activities (we call them goals) each of which can be setup differently:

  • Customize all terminology
  • Define who has access to different goal templates
  • Create rules for which elements connect to which
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Manage Projects in Cascade

Cascade is a fully featured project management software solution including major project management features such as:

  • Task management
  • Risk management
  • Links & dependencies
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Create Leading & Lagging KPIs

Having a stated outcome isn't enough, you need to be able to measure your progress towards that outcome too.

  • Adding leading or lagging KPIs to goals
  • Assign KPIs to others to own and update
  • Link KPIs to other business systems via integrations
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Detailed Targets & Milestones

All of your goals (be they projects, KPIs or anything else) can have specific ways of tracking and measuring progress.

  • Define what success looks like on each goal
  • Break KPIs down into specific time periods
  • Add milestones to projects or anything else
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