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Create beautiful strategy dashboards & reports for every aspect of your organisation

Cascade’s Dashboard Builder let’s you build drag-and-drop strategy dashboards, bringing together data from Cascade and 500+ other applications (including Excel). That’s on top of our suite of one-click reports, all fully branded for your organisation.

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Strategy Dashboards and Reporting - Drag and Drop

Drag and drop the perfect strategy dashboard

  • Start from a blank canvas or use a template
    Build an unlimited number of dashboards – either private or shared.
  • Use widgets to build up your dashboard
    Add and configure widgets including graphs, diagrams, tables and more.
  • Share strategy dashboards outside Cascade
    Display your dashboard anywhere including on your own intra/internet site, or on TVs throughout your office.

Instant strategy reports

  • Personal, Team and Strategy Snapshots
    Generate the perfect report for your 1:1, team or board meeting.
  • Export reports to PDF or Excel
    Control your data with access to PDF or Excel exports for all key reports.
  • Fully branded with your logo and colours
    Put your own individual look and feel into your reports.
Strategy Dashboard
Strategy Dashboards - Explorer

Explore your strategy in unique ways

  • See your entire organisation laid out before your eyes
    Visualise how goals and projects interconnect with one another.
  • Apply filters and rules
    Want to see all your marketing goals that are at least 80% completed? No problem.
  • Download visualisations into PDF
    Save visualisations as vector files and work with them offline in your favorite applications.

Total control of your data

  • Export everything to Excel
    Instant access to your data as a CSV download to work with offline.
  • Fine-grained control over who can see what
    Set privileges individually or on a goal-by-goal basis.
  • Create custom reports
    Have a specific need that our reports don’t address? Just request a custom report that you can re-run at any time.
Strategy Dashboards
Cascade Zapier Integrations

Centralise data from over 500 systems

  • Set up integrations to synchronise your data
    With a mix of inhouse integrations and Zapier, you can push and pull data from hundreds of systems in/out of Cascade.
  • More complex needs? No problem
    Our in-house development team can work with you to integrate data from SAP, Oracle, Access and more.
  • Make Cascade your single source of truth
    Get real-time updates pushed to your inbox or smartphone when key metrics are reached or breached.

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