Product Update: The New Strategy Planner

Cascade’s strategy planner has been given a facelift! It’s now sleeker, easier to use and more powerful.

The strategy planner is at the core of everything you do in Cascade. It’s the home of your strategic plan(s) and where you and your team will collaborate to build out your organization’s vision, values, focus areas and goals. That’s why we knew it was important to make it the best it could be. We hope you like what we’ve done…

New Look & Feel

The Planner interface hadn’t changed very much in the last few years so we decided it was time to improve the user experience. We wanted to keep the core of the feature the same but add more flexibility and a cleaner design.

Before:                                                                                                      After:



We’ve removed the side panel and shifted the actions into a drop down menu, so you only see them when you need them.

We also consolidated the icons, increased the font size, added some handy tool tips and knocked back the colors, so everything is easier to read.

New Grouping & Coloring Options

We wanted to give you more ways to explore your plan and see how all the pieces fit together. That’s why we’ve introduced new grouping and coloring options. Previously the planner only displayed your goals grouped by focus area and colored by their status. This is a great view (and is still the default) but now there are other cool ways to visualize your plan.

You can now group and color by things like owner, goal type and organizational unit. This gives you countless different ways to experience your strategic plan.


If you want to go back to the default focus area and status view simply click the  “Reset Display” button.

Note: Grouping only applies to the topmost level of goals in your plan. I.e. grouping will not directly apply to any goals underneath the top level of your plan.

Drag & Drop

You can now drag and drop focus areas and values to change their order.

But what’s really powerful is you can now drag and drop goal alignment!  You can now change what a goal is aligned to by picking it up and moving it to the right place. You can also multi-align a goal (meaning the same piece of work contributes to multiple things) by holding down the Ctrl key while you drag.

Note: Drag and drop functionality is only available when your goals are grouped by focus area.

New ‘Add’ Screens

The Vision, Value and Focus Area screens also received a makeover. All the existing functionality has remained the same however we have cleaned up the content and made the design more modern.

(This will be our new style so keep an eye out for more parts of the system in this style soon!)

We have always had the option to turn on “planner theming” which allowed you to add images and colours to your focus areas and organizational goals. We got such great feedback about this that we have extended the functionality into values and switched it on for all accounts.

Track View

Finally, we have moved the ‘Track’ page into the planner view. Instead of navigating to a new view on a separate page we have merged these two views to streamline how you look at your goals.

The Planner is a feature that we really love and we hope you do too – we have tried to make these new changes as un-intrusive as possible. So if you like using the planner as you do today – keep doing what you’re doing – otherwise go and explore these new changes!

As always if you have any thoughts, questions or feedback – let us know  

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