Parker University’s Strategic Framework

In many of our new client experiences, customers adopt Cascade because they are looking for a better way to manage their strategic plan, beyond what the traditional tools can offer them. They love being able to bring their unique framework and approach into a flexible tool like Cascade, and then manage, track, and communicate their strategy in the same platform. However, transferring an existing model isn’t for everyone – one of our new clients decided to take this as an opportunity to drop their old framework and use Cascade to help them implement a new approach.

Parker University Adopting the Cascade Strategic Framework

In March 2018, Parker University Board Member George Linscott referred us to meet with the executive team in Dallas, Texas. It was great to see Dr. Bill Morgan and his team in action, and the key thing they identified is that they needed to find a better way to execute a more dynamic strategic plan for the future. We provided the board members and the executive team with our Cascade Strategy Planning eBook (you can get our latest version here for free), and without any further guidance, the Parker team led by George and Dr. Morgan designed their multi-year plan with the Cascade approach.

After they completed their framework in the Cascade template, executive team members COO Donnie McNutt, Provost Dr. Jayne Moschella, and CIO Trevor Jones decided that Cascade is the right place to manage their strategic plan. Working with our Customer Success team, they’ve built out their strategy in Cascade and put themselves in a great position to go and make it happen.

The Parker team have shared a video about how Cascade has made a difference in their strategic planning process, take a look below…

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