January Product Update

The January Product Update is here, and we’ve kicked off the year with a whole lot of added functionality to the system. We used insight from user feedback and commonly asked questions to steer the direction of this months work. Read on below or watch the video to find out about the cool new improvements!


Dashboards are powerful. They allow you to view your data in meaningful ways that can clearly convey how your KPI’s and objectives are progressing, such as on a Strategy Dashboard. Cascade dashboards have a comprehensive library of widgets available to customize the display of your data, and we’re consistently improving and updating the widgets available.

This month, we’ve made 4 improvements to the widgets.

Tasks Widget

The Tasks widget had two new improvements this month- a new grouping category and a new display setting added.


You can now group your Tasks by their due date, so you can easily see what’s coming up next and needs attention. You can also decide whether to show or remove the Tasks title from the display, and instead only display the Goal title associated.

Notes Widget

The notes widget allows you to display either free next notes or a video of choice on your dashboard, however, unless your video was hosted on Youtube, you weren’t able to display it. The notes widget now support more platforms, with Wistia and Vimeo added to the list.


If these aren’t one of the video hosting platform’s you use and would like to display a video, get in touch with us on the live chat and let us know what you’d like to see added to the list.

Printing Dashboards

We want to make sure it’s always as easy as click of a button to share your data, that’s why we now allow users who’ve had a dashboard shared with them to also export and print the dashboard.


We recently released our newest version of the Snapshot Reports, but that doesn’t mean we’ve finished working on them. We love getting feedback from our user’s on how we can improve the system, so when one of our Users mentioned how useful it would be to have the snapshot reports display attachments from Updates, we got to work. Snapshots can now display attachments from Updates, Tasks and Issues, so you never miss any information!



Archiving Goals

We noticed recently a few of our users’s accidentally archived a goal and were struggling to find the un-archive button. The button needed to be more prominent, and in a place users are already familiar with, so we added an archive button to the Goal Designer, in the same place where you archive.


That’s the wrap for this month. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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