February Product Update 2018

The February Product Update 2018 is here. Dashboards are an incredible tool for helping to keep your strategy on-track. In case you missed our article a few months ago – check out our 5 examples of how to create strategy dashboards.

Dashboards are probably our favorite feature of Cascade, and are definitely the part of the platform that our users engage with the most. This month’s feature update is all about how to make those dashboards smarter, more informative and easier to collaborate on.

That’s not all, our Weekly Digest feature has always been a great way to stay on top of which parts of your strategy you need to focus on – so we’ve given it a really good polish, giving you the option to select exactly what aspects of the strategy you want to include in it. We’ve also made tweaks to the way that you launch your strategy out to your people, and how you can manage and access draft goals.


Creating beautiful graphs and charts is a great way to bring your strategy to life. As of right now, we’ve made them a whole lot smarter – with the ability to display numerical values on both our line and bar charts. We’ve also added a new type of bar chart to our range of available graph widgets.

February product update 2018

Another brand new feature is the ability for multiple people to own the same dashboard. Previously, you could share dashboards with others in ‘view only’ mode, but if you wanted to collaborate on a dashboard, it wasn’t all that easy. To add a co-owner to your dashboard, simply hit share and add them from there by clicking the ‘+ Co-owner’ button next to their name.

Weekly Digest

Pick and choose what’s important to you! We’ve given the weekly digest a revamp to allow you to customize the content you send out to users each month. You’ve now got an extra option in the Goals section to display goals ‘Starting in a Week’ and a whole bunch of Task options, including To Do Tasks, Completed this Week, Overdue, and Only Tasks Assigned to the User.


Launching Your Strategy

The launch of your new strategy is a proud moment. But we noticed that for some people, it was a moment that seemed to take an absolute age to arrive! When we dug into that a little deeper, users told us that they would be more confident in launching their strategy, if they could select exactly which parts of the strategy to launch, rather than the ‘all or nothing’ approach that the system has allowed so far. So we built it! You can now select which parts of your strategy to launch, and which to keep in draft.

February product update 2018

Not only have we improved your control of the goals you launch, we’ve also simplified the way you communicate changes with others. Instead of having to manually search and select every person you want to notify, you now have the option of selecting the entire organization, users by a certain privilege level, such as only strategy users, or simply selecting the individual users you wish.

February product update 2018


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