Cascade named a Cool Vendor 2015 by Gartner

We’re super proud to have been selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor 2015 in the category of Program and Portfolio Management. We’ve been recognized as one of only 4 software platform providers in the world to provide excellence in Project Management, Program Management, and Portfolio Management.

Cool Vendor


Program and Portfolio Management

Here’s more about the category that we’ve been recognized in as a Cool Vendor:

“PMO leaders, program managers, portfolio managers and project managers struggle to balance needs for top-down governance with bottom-up execution. Here we provide cool solutions to enable success in the new bimodal normal.”

Gartner selected 4 Cool Vendors in this segment:

  • Cascade
  • Mavenlink
  • Smartsheet

They all support one of Gartner’s 2015 predictions: “By 2017, 80% of PPM tool vendors will have enhanced collaboration and analytical capabilities to support exploratory projects with high uncertainty and constant change.”


Why Cascade Strategy is a Cool Vendor

“The team at Cascade software has taken the novel approach of saying if you cascade your strategic message down to your employees in a simple straight forward manner they can not only understand what you want them to do but they can actually feel good about having contributed something tangible to the company.”

Gartner defined Cascade as “an easy to use, multipurpose, and a very reasonably priced SaaS tool that takes a week or two on average to get up and running”.

Gartner analysis highlights 3 cool things about Cascade:

  1. The software is easy to use: Cascade is the product of digital natives. “Cascade makes it possible to flow the big picture downward and share how and who should be accountable for what.“
  2. It is possible to cascade goals in forms other than written documents: “A small video-cast from the CEO explaining why he or she set the strategy and how they are thinking about it can be cascaded down.  Obviously a large all-hands meeting can accomplish the same thing but in global organizations the ability of someone to consume the data when they need to consume it can be empowering.”
  3. The system can easily be repurposed as a program management tool. “Clients ask us all the time to help them track their interdependencies between. Cascade can do this simply by substituting the word “interdependency” for “goal.”  It tracks performance and effectively handles the reporting.”


About Gartner

You might think “Ok, that’s impressive, but what/who is Gartner?”. Well, the reason we are so proud of being named as a Cool Vendor is because Gartner is “THE world’s leading information technology research and advisory company”. Gartner delivers technology-related insights for its clients to help them in decision making processes. It’s really quite a compliment and an honour to be named as a top global vendor by these guys!


Thank you Gartner for this great award! We’re delighted to be named as one of the Cool Vendors of 2015!

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