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About the author: Tom Wright is the CEO and cofounder of Cascade Strategy. He loves everything about startups, technology and salami. Tom works with leaders of some of the world's biggest brands, using that experience as a bedrock for many of his blog posts about strategy.

Strategic Plan Template

Need a helping hand to create your strategic plan? Download our tried and tested strategic plan template – the same template being used by thousands of startups and multinationals alike. The template will help you to create a complete strategy, from your vision statement through your values, to your focus areas, strategic objectives and goals.

The Definitive Strategy Dictionary

Strategy Dictionary: It's not an easy task to collate the most popular definitions, as even when you do, there are those who will use other terms to refer to the exact same thing. We've taken on the job and compiled a mini dictionary on strategy for you to refer to, and even download!

The Anatomy of a Strategy

In this article, I wanted to address the foundations of what I consider to be a solid strategic plan. You'll want to tweak and modify this framework to meet the needs of your own organization, but it should give you a pretty good starting point.

What Exactly Is Strategy Execution Software?

Strategy isn't a thing that you do in addition to running your business. It is your business. Every single KPI, project and task that you undertake should have a clear link back to your strategy. The organizations who succeed are the ones who take this principle to the heart of their existence.

How To Reflect On Your Last Strategy

January and February are our busiest months here at Cascade Strategy. It's that time of year again when organizations look back on what they've achieved, and start dreaming about what we want to achieve next.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs As a Business Framework

There are a lot of business frameworks in the world. Some are great, many are just ok. Depending on what you're trying to achieve, there's probably a business framework out there that will suit you pretty well. But there's one framework that keeps popping up everywhere I look. And the crazy thing is - it wasn't even designed as a business framework at all...

5 Strategy Execution Tips

You've got huge dreams. You make an awesome strategic plan. Everyone gets excited as you take your first steps to making those dreams a reality. Then.........it all fizzles out. Sound familiar? You're not alone - over 70% of all strategic plans fail.

How to Execute Strategy

Everyone loves writing strategies. It's fun, and if you have a pretty good sense of your business, it's not that hard. But when it comes to execution, lots of people succumb to the temptation of throwing the ball to someone else.

12 Examples of KPIs for HR Teams

Examples of KPIs for HR: Continuing our series of KPI examples, we've compiled the 12 best examples of KPIs for HR teams. These are the KPIs you need to be tracking if you want to succeed in HR - includes examples and descriptions.

Strategic Planning For Santa Claus

Have you ever wondered what Santa's strategic plan must look like? How on earth does he deliver all those presents in just one night? We think we've figured it out. Take a look at the (un)official strategic plan of Mr Fred Claus himself.

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