April Product Update 2018


Welcome to the April Product Update. This month we were focused on improving the reporting features in Cascade, so you can share your important data with ease! The other focus of the month was on the way you manage your most important asset in Cascade, your people. Watch the video below, or read on to find out about Aprils product updates.

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Reports are an extremely important way of communicating information in an organisation. They share the data and knowledge in a company which keep all employees and management informed, and armed with knowledge to make better decisions. Cascades full suite of reporting features give you ease of creation and flexibility in design. This month we’ve made two improvements to our reports which build on our values of ease and flexibility- a shortcut which allows you to share reports with your manager quickly and easily, and brand new sorting options that allow you to display your information just the way you need.

Sharing shortcut

Creating a report manually is time consuming and can be a real hassle, especially when needed on a regular basis. However, creating a report in Cascade is quick and easy. All your data is already there, just waiting to be put to use. BUT, we wanted to make reporting in Cascade even better for you- so we created a shortcut!

We know it’s very common to share reports with your manager, maybe monthly or weekly. You may even share reports with your manager more than anybody else in your organisation. For this reason, we decided to create a shortcut. Instead of having to search for your managers name in a drop down menu every time, simply click the ‘Share with Managers’ option.

April Product Update 2018

Information sorting

The ability to customize a report to your exact specifications is something we’re always trying to improve. Almost every month we’re adding improved flexibility to our reports, and this month is no different. We’ve added sorting option’s to the Tasks and Issues columns. So, if you need to create a report which displays all your current Tasks in order of due date, or created date, you now have the power to do so. Another report you may want to create is one which displays all the current issues in a particular department. Format the report to display issues in order of highest priority to least, created date, title or more.

Check out the report we created below of a fake organisation to display the risks present.

April Product Update 2018

People Management

It’s often noted that people are the most important assets of an organisation. They are the lifeblood that keep an organisation moving forward, and need to be managed and developed in order to reach the strategic goals of the organisation. Cascades performance features allow you to manage and improve the most of important asset of your company, your people. This month we have added 3 improvements to the way you manage your people. 

Custom Terminology

Every organisation has different needs when it comes to managing and developing their workforce, and Cascade gives you the tools to do this. No matter the terminology you use in your organisation, you can now have that reflect in your performance reviews: we’ve added the ability to rename section headings in the employee performance assessments, so you can now assess employees on goals, KPIs, initiatives or what ever terminology you use in your organisation. To try this feature out, head to Admin>Performance>Formula

April Product Update 2018

Personalize Your Introduction

Eliminate confusion for employees completing the performance assessment by creating your own custom overview. Your overview could explain to your employees how you would like them to complete the process, help them understand why they are being assessed, or include information on the company. The overview even allows you to include this in video form, simply tick the video box and add the URL of the video in. To access this feature, head over to Admin>Performance>Formula. 

April Product Update 2018

Performance Assessing Your Way

We now allow for a custom explanation to be included on every tab of the performance appraisal. This could include a guideline for how employees are to assess themselves, or how managers are to assess their direct reports for each section you create.

April Product Update 2018

That’s the Product Update for April. Every month we’re adding new and exciting updates and features to our platform, so if you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you! Pop up on the live chat, or contact us at support@executestrategy.net -we’re always around to say hi!

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